Translation between English and Arabic

Latitude Prime’s Arabic to English and English to Arabic translation services are accurate and high quality.

Flag for Arabic PageAs our global economy continues to grow and change, Arabic is becoming a more common language of business.

Arabic is spoken by more than 220 million people and is the official language of 27 countries. The language is mostly prominent in North Africa, East Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of western Asia. And if you’re hoping to expand your business with an Arabic speaking country, Latitude Prime’s Arabic language services can help fill in language gaps and help propel your company forward.

We offer certified linguists who are native Arabic speakers, have a variety of different backgrounds and expertise, and who are knowledgeable about the differences that exist between Arabic-speaking countries and regions. We will match you with an Arabic translator or interpreter who has specific experience and knowledge in your project’s subject matter.

Arabic Translation Services

Translators work with written word, and when it comes to Arabic to English or English to Arabic translations our translators are highly skilled. Our translators are certified to translate official documents including, but not limited to: contracts, books, manuals, licenses, immigration documents, and any other documents required by government agencies, employers, universities, courts or courts and hospitals in the United States or abroad.

Arabic Interpreter Services

An interpreter works with spoken word and can help with conferences, presentations, court interpretations, board meetings or escorting foreign guests. Our fully-equipped translators offer two types of interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive.

A simultaneous interpreter will translate while the speaker is talking, which is incredibly useful when an individual does not speak the language being spoken. A consecutive interpreter will wait until the speaker is done talking and then they relay the information back to you with appropriate tones and pauses. And since our linguists have a native background, you can be assured that there will be no miscommunication.

At Latitude Prime, we are dedicated to providing excellent services and guarantee all of our work. For English to Arabic or Arabic to English translation or interpreting services in Minneapolis, Washington DC or anywhere in the world, contact us at 888-341-9080. You can also fill out a contact form.