Translations Between English and Dutch

Our Dutch to English and English to Dutch language services are top-notch.

Dutch FlagThe European market has been a popular business expansion area for many years, and The Netherlands in particular is a great strategic location—it’s centrally located, accessible and has great infrastructure. If you’re looking toward The Netherlands for your next business venture or you’re already there, you’ll need professional Dutch language services to make sure all the language gaps are filled.

Dutch is spoken by about 28 million people, and is the official language of The Netherlands. But, it’s also the co-official in Belgium and Suriname, and is spoken in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa and other countries around the world.

Latitude Prime works with translators around the world who are native speakers in the language they translate to and interpret for. In addition, they have a particular background or skill set that allows us to match the best language professional with your project.

Our goal is to provide you with excellent service, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Dutch Translation Services

From business contracts to technical manuals, one of Latitude Prime’s certified Dutch translators can ensure your intended message reads and resonates properly with its intended audience.

Whether you need documents translated from English to Dutch, or Dutch to English, we will match you with a Dutch translator with extensive knowledge and expertise in your specific area of need.

Dutch Interpreting Services

Participating in foreign conferences, presentations, court interpretations, board meetings or escorting a foreign guest can be pretty difficult if you don’t speak the language.

Our Dutch interpreters offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services. A simultaneous interpreter will translate while the speaker is talking, and a consecutive interpreter will wait until the speaker is done talking and then they relay the information back to you with appropriate tones and pauses. Our linguists have a native background so you can be assured there will be no miscommunication.

If you’re in need of Dutch to English or English to Dutch translation services or interpreting services, call 888-341-9080. Latitude Prime can provide excellent certified services near its offices in Minneapolis and Washington D.C., or worldwide. If you’re interested in other language services, see our “Services” page.