Document Translation

Translation is the process of delicately and intricately transforming one language into another.

translation_smallA successful translation leaves no trace of the original language. Each of our document translation experts know precisely how the target language is thought and spoken, which gives them the ability to create a flawless translation that flows as smoothly as possible.

Whether you’re aiming to sell a product internationally, market your services overseas, rewrite medical records, or win a case in court, Latitude Prime can help with all your document translation needs. Our translators are certified to translate official documents including but not limited to: contracts, books, manuals, licenses, and any other relevant documents required by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), government agencies, employers, universities, courts and hospitals in the USA and abroad.

We’ve translated for small businesses, large corporations, law firms, educational organizations, health/medical organizations and many more sub-industries.

Our Process

At Latitude Prime, every project goes through a rigorous translation and quality assurance process to ensure that the end product is accurate and of the best quality. Below is a compressed look at how it all works:

1. Document Translation

To start the translation process, we learn all the background information on your document so we can match you with the right professional translation specialist. We have a huge network of translators, all with different areas of expertise, and will match you with someone who is an expert in your document’s specific subject matter. That expert will then translate your document.

2. Editing

After the initial translation is complete, a second translator reads through the converted document. This second translator will compare the target and source versions and modify styling or wording as they see fit to ensure a smooth and flowing read.

3. Document Review

Finally, a third reader is brought in to read over the document to ensure every component of the source text has been included in the translated version, and that no grammatical, styling or formatting errors are present. The document is then complete and ready to be sent to the client.

With experience in over 200 languages, Latitude Prime’s professional document translation services can certainly help with all your translation needs.

If you would like more information on our document translation services, call 888-341-9080.