Are you traveling for business, hosting a foreign guest or attending a conference abroad?

Our interpretation services can help you successfully navigate multilingual conversations.

interpretation_smallLanguage interpreting is the process of translating spoken words from one language into another. Latitude Prime employs certified linguists who are native speakers in the target language and are ready to take on all of your interpretation needs with maximum effort.

We offer interpretation services for the following:

  • Conferences
  • Presentations
  • Educational or academic interpretation
  • Court interpreting
  • Board meetings
  • Health or medical conferences
  • Escorting foreign guests

When interpreting, there are two models to work by:

1. Simultaneous

When simultaneously interpreting, one of our experts will translate while another speaker talks. This style of interpreting is needed when at least one person attending your event cannot understand what the speaker says, due to the fact that he/she speaks a different language, and there is no time or opportunity to let the speaker pause regularly.

2. Consecutive

When consecutively interpreting, our expert will wait until the speaker takes a break, and then they will begin translating. Consecutive interpreting is a very skilled process, as the interpreter must also convey structural elements of that message that are not contained in the words including pauses, tone of voice, stress, etc.

Latitude Prime assigns the most qualified and suitable interpreter for every job that we take on. Your interpreter will be a certified linguist who natively speaks the target language, and they will also have extensive background knowledge and experience with the specific subject matter.

Look no further for your interpretation partner. For more information on our interpretation services, call 888-341-9080.

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