localization_smallLocalization is the process of adapting websites or software to a particular geographical region. Although creating a thorough and accurate translation is important, true localization transcends the act of simply changing words around. The key to offering products and services overseas is to localize the media on which you are advertising. If you simply translate text into the target language, your business will not come across as professionally and culturally adapted as intended. A simple translation will make your content appear general, and as if it were written up in minutes.

Don’t settle for purchasing software that claims to convert and localize your content from one region to the next. True and accurate localization can be accomplished by our experts and their translation process. We start out by presenting your product/service content and software to one of our experts that can natively speak the target language. The expert will then perform the first translation. After it is complete, the first translation will then go on to another professional linguist who natively knows the target region and culture. They will make any necessary revisions to ensure that time and number formats are accurate, and that culturally accepted sentencing and phrasing are precise. Once the revised translation is complete, it will then go on to a third editor for final proofing.

You can trust Latitude Prime, a leading provider of translation services in the USA, to help your business succeed in foreign markets. We have our localization process mastered to a science that is sure to exceed your expectations.

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