Proofreading and editing services in more than 200 languages.

proofreading_smallIf your documents are intended for publication, print, advertisements or tenders, you want them to be flawless and smooth. There is no better way to finalize an official document than sending it through our proofreading team.

We take time to fully understand your subject matter so that we can assign a number of certified linguists who have extensive experience translating your specific requirements.

With multiple eyes reading through your document verifying content, improving style and ensuring clarity of text, we guarantee that your document will be official and at its best in translated version.


Proofreading may be the service you need to finalize your document, ensuring it is ready to be published. Proofreading is the act of checking a document for spelling and punctuation mistakes. The original writer will often read through their document not noticing small spelling mistakes or the misuse of punctuation. Our proofreaders have vast experience, language certifications, and a trained eye allowing them to pick up on the smallest of spelling and punctuation errors. They will ensure that your document is in its optimal state prior to publication.


After you have drafted a document or have made some initial revisions, allow Latitude Prime to professionally edit and revise your document. We will provide you with the changes needed to develop and present your content as clearly as possible. Our editing specialists are composition experts and certified to work with your document’s language. The editors thoroughly read through your document looking for grammatical, styling and structural errors. Their goals are to be sure that the document flows well, and that each point is completely and fully developed. After working on your document, we can guarantee a document that is polished and revised correctly, allowing for final proofreading and editing stages.

If you’d like to discuss a proofreading or editing project, we are here to help. Call us at 888-341-9080.

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