Transcription refers to the process of transforming spoken word into written documentation.

transcription_smallOur transcription process, similar to our translation methodology, will result in a flawless printed version of spoken words in the target language. Each transcription is completed by certified language specialists who are native speakers of the target language. Our translation transcription process will guarantee you an impeccable documentation of spoken words:

1. We start out by learning the subject matter of the audio/video recording so that we can assign a translator who is both a native speaker of the target language, and an expert in the recording’s subject matter. The specialist will then convert the spoken words to writing and then translate to the target language.

2. After the first written translation has been completed, the document is sent to another native speaker of the target language for proofreading and matching to make sure the translation is a flowing, accurate and complete version of the original audio/video recording.

Our Premier Transcription Services include the following:

  • Corporate transcriptions (conference calls, training, meetings, presentations)
  • Interview transcriptions (one-on-one and group speakers)
  • Academic transcription services (training, conferences, classes, board meetings)
  • Legal transcriptions
  • Medical transcriptions

Latitude Prime is very flexible, and can work from the following file formats:

  • Digital audio/video files – mpeg, avi, quicktime, wav, dss, mp3, wma
  • Podcasts
  • Streaming Video
  • Television Recordings
  • CD/DVD/Cassette Tapes
  • And Many More!

If you are in need of translation transcription services, call toll-free 888-341-9080. You can also fill out an online contact form.