Translations Between English and Portuguese

Our Portuguese translators are native speakers with backgrounds in a variety of industries and subjects.

Portuguese FlagWith Portuguese being the sixth most commonly spoken language in the world (and second only to Spanish in South America) the need for professional translators that understand the language as well as cultural nuances is very important.

Portuguese is a romance language spoken by about 260 million people, and extends far beyond Portugal—it’s country of origin. It’s also the official language of Brazil, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Angola, and Guinea-Bissau. Because this language spans the globe, it’s only natural that each country, and different regions within the country, would have their own expressions, vocabulary and speech style.

Latitude Prime not only offers certified linguists who are native speakers, but linguist who are able to adapt their translations by country and region. We’ll choose the most suitable Portuguese translator who will have an extensive background knowledge and experience with the specific subject matter your project entails.

Portuguese Translation Services

Translation and the use of professional linguists is becoming more and more popular and necessary in the business world. From legal documents to business contracts, Latitude Prime’s Portuguese translators can ensure any document or correspondence contains not only the correct translation, but also the right tone.

While many of our clients utilize our specialists for their businesses, Latitude Prime also works with individuals, too. We’re experienced in translating legal documents such as immigration forms and birth certificates, and we also work with universities, courts and hospitals in the U.S. and around the world.

Portuguese Interpreting Services

Whether you’re attending a conference, giving a presentation or meeting with stakeholders, if you’re working across languages, you may need Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese interpreting services.

We’re able to offer two different styles of interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive. For simultaneous interpreting, your Portuguese translator will translate while the speaker is talking. Consecutive interpreting waits until the speaker is done talking and then relays the information with appropriate tones and pauses.

Latitude Prime’s certified linguists are certified and we guarantee all of our work. If you want more information on our English to Portuguese or Portuguese to English translation services, call us at 888-341-9080.